Pyaar Ka Postmortem-10: Woke up the daughter-son-in-law by kicking and took her life, the dead body was thrown in the dirt outside the house, the killer father said – see the result of love

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The 10th and final story of Pyaar Ka Postmortem Series Haryana is about a couple who made a childhood friend a friend. The punishment for choosing the happiness of their rights was such a death, seeing that the souls of the lovers who love would tremble. Read, the story of Jasbir Singh and his 6 months pregnant wife who were brutally killed in Balla, a village in Karnal, Haryana…

May 9, 2008… It’s not just a date. It is recorded in this date – a very scary incident that bleeds humanity and makes lovers shudder. Two dead bodies lying in a pile of dirt in front of the house and the picture of an arrogant father flaunting his mustache is also from this day, which is an indelible stain for the society.

Sunita Devi and Jasbir Singh were born and brought up in Balla village of Karnal, Haryana, about 135 km from the country’s capital Delhi. The people living in the village are familiar with each and every villager, Sunita and Jasbir also knew each other. They used to study in the same class in the school. Childhood passed and stepped on the threshold of youth. When friendship turned into love, it is not known. When this line changed from ‘Jasbir Singh is of my village, to ‘Mera hi hai’, both of them did not know.

Jasbir wanted to become a photographer. He dropped out of school to take photography lessons, but he often came to the school to meet Sunita. Then he used to go home with Sunita on school holidays. Sometimes he would buy bangles for Sunita and sometimes even colorful dupattas. Sunita would cook food with her own hands and feed Jasbir, hiding it from the world. Ishq’s car was just running on the track.

Humdum sitting while sharing the pain
According to a magazine report, when father Om Prakash came to know about it, he forcibly married his daughter somewhere else. Sunita and Jasbir also considered separation as their fate, but this marriage did not go well even for one and a half years. Heard all kinds of taunts. Fighting is right. Still, married life did not come back on track. Eventually, one day everyone had to leave and come home forever. When 21-year-old Sunita was completely broken. Thoughts of ending life were coming in his mind again and again, at that time Jasbir once again saved him from shattering. He extended his hand to get Sunita out of the darkness. Gave his shoulder First wept while sitting together and then made him laugh by talking childishly.

When someone expresses sympathy in sorrow, plays along, then a different corner is created in his heart. Here at some point these two used to be each other’s life, but the village and society had divided them into pieces. This time Jasbir took the stand and Sunita supported him. Both of them fled and got married against family, village and society. Both were a perfect couple, but the only fault was that both were from the same village and belonged to the same caste. Marriage in the same gotra and same caste is prohibited in Haryana.

There was a apprehension of untoward, so left the village
Both of them had an idea of ​​what would be the result of their decision to marry against the society. So Sunita and Jasbir did not return to the village after marriage. Jasbir started living with Sunita at his sister’s house in Machrauli village near Panipat, about 45 km from the village. Both were happy with each other. This decision of Sunita and Jasbir hurt the ego of some elders of the village. Both were not in front, yet they were knocking in their eyes. The villagers believed that boys and girls of the same village and of the same caste are brothers and sisters. Brother and sister cannot get married. The villagers boycotted Sunita’s family. Because of this, both father and brother became enemies of their lives.

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