Ms Marvel Finale: Iman Vellani’s smoky action wins hearts, connection with X-Men?

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MCU’s series Miss Marvel had a tremendous performance in the finale. In the final episode of the show, Kamala Khan did smoky action. Also, a hint was given towards his special connection to the X-Men. The fans also got a big surprise at the end of the episode.

MCU’s series Miss Marvel had a tremendous performance in the finale. In the finale episode, Kamala Khan (Iman Valani) was seen doing smoky action. A hint was also given about Kamala’s special connection to the X-Men. And a big surprise was also seen by the fans. All these things together made the last episode of Miss Marvel epic.

In the episode, Kamala Khan reached her home in New Jersey from Pakistan. Kamala tells her family that she has superpowers and she is the same superhero who is known across the city as Light Girl. Kamala’s family supported her, but they also care about her. After this Kamala Khan came to know about Kamran’s superpower. At the same time, the police are behind Kamran.

Kamala and her friends Bruno and Nakia help Kamran escape from the police. Kamran was seen in Bruno’s house in the last episode. After this, he goes with Kamala and everyone else and hides in the mosque. But the police come there once again. Then everyone takes shelter in their school with Kamran. Meanwhile, Kamala is also seen doing tremendous action. We did not get to see special action in the last episode, which has been made up for in the finale episode.

Kamala Khan not only helped in saving the room but also told her about the death of her mother Najma (Nimra Booch). Kamala told Kamran that Najma had given her life to keep him alive. Along with this, Kamala also helped Kamran to recover from this grief. Along with Kamran, Kamala was also seen saving many more people. With this, Kamala has got a new purpose.

The big twist in the show

A lot of funny twists were also seen in the show. On her way to college, Kamala’s friend Bruno told her that her DNA was different from that of her family. His DNA is mutated. This means that Kamala Khan is a mutant, that is, she can also have a connection with the X-Men.

Fans got a surprise

Not only this, but all the viewers also got a chance to meet Captain Marvel at the end of the episode. Captain Marvel is Kamala Khan’s favorite Marvel comic hero. In the episode, light emanates from Kamala’s stern, after which Captain Marvel ie Carol Danvers finds herself in a teenage girl’s room. Now what happens to Kamala next, it will be a matter to be seen.

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