Fart control had to be done in front of boyfriend due to shame, it became such a condition

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A 21-year-old Brazilian influencer found it very expensive to control farts in front of their boyfriend. Because of this, there was so much pain in their stomach of this girl that she had to take the support of a wheelchair. Let us know what is the whole matter.

Most people have the problem of gas formation in the stomach and sometimes due to shame, this problem can also be fatal. Something similar happened with a Brazilian influencer named Vih Tube. He found it very difficult to control his fart. There was severe pain in Vic’s stomach, due to which her condition got so bad that she came straight to the wheelchair..21-year-old Vih Tube, whose full name is Vittoria de Felice Moraes, experienced severe abdominal pain during the Rio Lisboa 2022 Music Festival in Portugal. Let us tell you that Vih Tube went here with her boyfriend Eliezer.

Moraes was feeling a lot of embarrassment in farting in front of their boyfriend, so he controlled it. Moraes probably had no idea that he would have to face the dire consequences of not releasing the gas. Moraes posted a story on social media in which she is seen sitting in a wheelchair. Moraes tagged Brazilian singer Pocha in this story.

Like Pocha, Moraes also faced this problem. When Moraes felt this pain, she was at the airport. Due to this unbearable pain, Moraes had to take the support of a wheelchair. Sharing one of his stories on Instagram, Moraes wrote, “I can understand you mom @pocha.” To this, Pocha replied and wrote, ‘Get well daughter.’

In March this year, Pocha had to be admitted to the hospital due to a gas trap as he was ashamed to fart in front of his boyfriend, due to which he started having a severe stomach ache.

The problem of Trapped Gas is not very serious but sometimes it looks much more serious than it appears. Due to this, severe pain in the stomach is also associated with many diseases.

Let’s know what is Trapped Gas, its symptoms, and causes

What is Trapped Gas

When the gas produced in the stomach is not able to escape, then this condition is called trap gas. This problem can happen to anyone. Trapped gas causes severe pain in the chest or abdomen. Many times the pain in the stomach or chest caused by gas is mistaken for heart-related or some other disease. Many times, due to some food items, a lot of gas starts forming in the stomach and when that gas is not able to come out, then it starts causing many problems.

Symptoms of Trapped Gas

Excessive belching, passing gas, abdominal pain and cramps, abdominal bloating, and flatulence are all symptoms of trapped gas.

Because of Trapped Gas

When you swallow food, water, and spit, some amount of air also goes into your body during this time which gets collected in the digestive system. This air exerts pressure around your stomach, due to which you get gas and belching. But when more amount of air enters your body, then the problem of gas formation has to be faced more.

Let us tell that a person’s stomach produces as much gas as 2 glasses of cola every day. Sometimes due to some disease also gas is formed in the stomach.

These things cause gas in the stomach

Beans and peas, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains cause gas in the stomach.

These things also cause gas in the stomach

By consuming things like soda or beer, the problem of gas formation in the stomach has to be faced a lot. Due to eating food very often and drinking water from a straw also, gas is formed in the stomach too much. Consuming artificial sweeteners also leads to more problems of gas formation in the stomach.

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