Weight loss: By eating roti and vegetables at home, this mother reduced her weight by 35 kg! had adopted this trick

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Transformation Journey: We are telling you about the weight loss journey of a mother who has lost 35 kgs. How did he lose weight? What was the workout plan? What kind of diet did you take? You will know about this in the article.

Weight Loss Story: It is very important to reduce the increasing weight and keep it under control after decreasing. Those who lose weight slowly, their weight remains stable for a longer period than those who lose weight rapidly. Experts believe that losing 1 to 2 pounds (0.5 to 1 kg) every week is called healthy weight loss. Today we are telling you about the weight loss journey of a mother who had gained weight after pregnancy and now has reduced her weight by 35 kg in about two and a half years. Although it took him a long time to lose weight, he has maintained his weight for years. So let’s know who are these women and in what ways they lost their weight.

Name: Supreet Kaur
Profession: Nutrition and fitness consultant
City: Kolkata
Height : 160 cm
Max Weight: 92kg
Current Weight: 57 kg
Total Weight Loss: 35kg
Future Plan: Gaining Strength

Weight loss journey from 92 kg to 57 kg

Talking to Aajtak.in, Supreet Kaur says. “I am from Punjab and you all must know what is the eating habit of us Punjabis. We did not eat by looking at the calories. I was very fond of food, so I used to eat whatever I wanted to eat. Before marriage, even when I used to eat so much, my weight remained within 60 kg, but after marriage, I started gaining weight. No, what and what to eat. That’s why my weight slowly started increasing and I reached almost 92 kg.

Supreet further said, “By the time when the child was born after the cesarean, my weight had become so much that I could not recognize myself. I slowly started to understand that I needed to lose weight or else there would be a lot of problems ahead. But due to feeding the child, I could not reduce my food. It is common for a woman to gain 10-12 kg after pregnancy, but I had increased my weight by 25-30 kg. As the child grew I thought of losing weight and read about running and weight loss on the internet. By doing this, I have reduced my weight by 6-7 kg. After that, I joined a fitness group on Facebook and after that, I did basic certification in fitness. After certification, I learned the nuances of weight loss, and then in about two and a half years, I reduced my weight by 35 kg. Today my weight is about 57 kg.

Supreet told, “I did not do strict dieting to lose weight, just ate according to the need of my body. I used to take 200-300 calories less than the maintenance calories and as my weight kept on reducing, I kept on reducing calories. After that, I increased my physical activity instead of reducing calories. My diet consisted only of homemade food. I used to take eggs, paneer, sprouts, lentils, roti, and vegetables in my diet during my weight loss journey and still eat the same at the time of muscle gain. The muscle mass in my body has increased a lot more than before, so now I take 2500-2600 calories.

Used to follow this diet (Weight Loss diet)

Supreet further says she used to take bread-omelet for breakfast. In the afternoon lunch, pulses, roti, and rice were soya chunks. Snacks consisted of tea, roasted gram, and fruits. Apart from this, the dinner had pulses, rice, and chicken in the dinner.

Workout for Weight Loss

Supreet said, “To lose weight, I first started with running. After this, when I did the certification, I started doing home workouts at home. At first, I used to do bodyweight exercises in home workouts, but when I felt that I could lift some weights, I asked for 2.5 kg dumbbells and started exercising with them. After doing home exercises, gradually my strength started increasing, so I joined the gym and followed the push-pull-leg exercise format. I used to exercise six days a week and also paid special attention to walking. She used to try to walk at least 10 thousand steps a day. Walking so many steps meant that he should remain active throughout the day.

Tips for weight loss

According to Supreet, there is no need for a strict diet to lose weight. Just need to eat 200-300 calories less than the body’s requirement ie maintenance calories, which is called a calorie deficit. Also keep in mind that along with diet, keep in mind that the body remains physically active. Staying physically active will help in burning calories. Along with this, if you want, you can also exercise by going to the gym. Take less stress, have patience, get enough sleep, and take proper nutrition, just in these ways one can easily lose weight.

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