Do not make this mistake while sleeping at night, be alert from today itself

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Researchers say that sleeping in even a little light can have a very bad effect on your health. Exposure to light during sleep increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure in adults.

There are many people who have a habit of sleeping in the light. While some people like to sleep completely dark. In such a study, the Feinberg School of Medicine of Northwestern University, Chicago, has told about the health hazards of sleeping with the lights on. In such a situation, researchers have issued a warning for people living in big cities.

The study found that sleeping with any kind of light on, even sleeping in dim light, can increase the chances of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure in adults.

The author of this study, Dr. Minji Kim of the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern Medicine, said in a press release, “Smartphone lights, on-TV lights throughout the night, or light pollution in large cities.” We are surrounded by a place where the lights keep on burning all around us for 24 hours.

Dr Kim told Medical News Today that even the light coming from a small light affects our body. Dr. Kim told that his group has done many studies in the past which have shown that even sleeping in dim light can increase heart rate and blood glucose level.

Dr Jonathan Sedernes, a sleep expert at Uppsala University in Sweden, told Medical News Today that adults who sleep under light exposure for long periods of time are at risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and more. may fall.

This was revealed in the new study

A new study was conducted in which the sleep of 552 adult women and men was tracked. Dr. Kim said, in the new study, we measured the sleep and light exposure of adults for 7 days. This study done on people was not done in any lab but at the routine places of all the people.

Research has found that less than half of the people sleep in a dark room for at least 5 hours. Whereas more than half of the people sleep in the light. Dr. Kim said that all these people used to sleep in dim light while sleeping. The researchers found that among all these people who slept under light exposure, the risk of high blood pressure was found to be 74 percent, the risk of obesity was 82 percent and the risk of diabetes was found to be 100 percent.

How to sleep for good health?

Dr. Kim advised that people should stay away from light while sleeping. If you have a habit of sleeping in the light, then at least use the light. He further said that as much as possible while sleeping, stay away from electronic things and if there is more light around you then use a sleeping mask.

Apart from this, Dr. Kim also said that even if you have to light a light for safety at night, then keep it in such a place from where its light does not fall directly on your eyes. He said that instead of blue light, use red light in the room for night time.

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