Coal Shortage: Heavy shortage of coal in many power plants, Railways canceled 42 passenger trains to increase supply

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There is a shortage of coal in many power plants of the country. Due to the increase in the demand for electricity, the power plant has been under tremendous pressure. At the same time, to increase the supply of coal, the Railways has canceled 42 passenger trains.

New Delhi, Online Desk. Due to the scorching heat in the country, the demand for electricity has increased significantly. There are also reports of shortage of coal in all power plants. In order to increase the supply of coal to power plants, the Railways has canceled 42 passenger trains. The reason for the cancellation of passenger trains is to increase the frequency of goods trains, so that the shortage of coal in power plants is dealt with.

There are reports that many power plants have only a few days’ coal left while some power plants have only one day’s coal. In such a situation, passenger trains have been canceled for the supply of coal to power plants.

Coal stock decreasing rapidly in power plants- official

Railway officials said these trains have been canceled indefinitely due to fears of blackouts at power plants in several states. Officials said the stock of coal in thermal power plants is depleting rapidly. Railways is trying to take steps on a war footing for transportation of coal and is also cutting down the time taken to transport coal to power plants.

Less than 5% coal claim in 26 plants

Indian Railways executive director Gaurav Krishna Bansal told Bloomberg that the move is temporary and passenger services will be restored as soon as the situation normalises. According to the Central Electricity Authority, 56 out of 165 thermal power plants have 10% or less coal left. At the same time, at least 26 plots have less than five percent stock left.

Delhi government claims

Let us inform that Delhi’s Power Minister Satyendar Jain has faced shortage of coal in the whole country. He said that some plants have only one day’s coal left, while the plants should have 21 days’ coal.

NTPC rejected the claim

At the same time, National Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC) has rejected the claim of the Delhi government on the shortage of coal. NTPC has informed that there is no problem of coal in the power plants.

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