Weather Forecast: When will the eclipse of heat and heat in Delhi-NCR end? Read – IMD’s latest prediction

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Delhi Mausam News Update From Sunday to Tuesday, similar scorching heat and heatwave will continue in Delhi-NCR. After this, after the activation of Western Disturbance, there is a possibility of rain in Delhi-NCR.

New Delhi, Jagran Digital Desk. A few hours from now, from 12.15 pm on Saturday, the first eclipse of the year will take place, which will be in the form of a solar eclipse. This eclipse will end at 4:8 pm. Meanwhile, when will the people of Delhi-NCR, who are facing the ‘eclipse’ of scorching heat and heat, get relief? This has also been predicted by the Indian Meteorological Department. There will be no respite from the scorching heat and heatwave for the next 3 days, but there will be a change in the weather pattern of Delhi-NCR from western becoming active on Tuesday-Wednesday. This will give some relief from the heat.

According to the latest IMD’s prediction regarding the weather of Delhi-NCR, till May 3, people will have to face a lot of trouble due to scorching heat and heatwave. At the same time, due to the active Western Disturbance around May 2-3, there may be light rain in the areas of NCR of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana along with Delhi on May 4-5. After this, there will be some relief from the scorching heat and heat for the next few days. The maximum temperature is likely to drop by two to three degrees Celsius during this period.

April was the hottest in Delhi for the second time in 71 years

Due to the scorching heat in Delhi-NCR, human beings are suffering from animals, birds, and animals. The Sports Complex area in Delhi on Friday recorded a maximum temperature of 46.4 degrees Celsius. The base station Safdarjung Observatory recorded a maximum temperature of 43.5 degrees for the second consecutive day. After this, the average temperature in Delhi in April this time has reached 40.20 degrees Celsius, which is the highest in 12 years, while it is the second-highest in 71 years.

Delhi-NCR will remain in the grip of severe heat and heat till May 3

According to the forecast of the Meteorological Department, there is a severe heatwave in many parts of Delhi on Saturday. Amidst the scorching sun, it looks like the fire is raining from the sky. At the same time, due to the heat of the heat, a large number of people are also coming into the grip of the hospital. An orange alert is issued by IMD on Saturday.

According to the latest forecast of the Meteorological Department, there is no relief from strong sunlight, scorching heat, and heatwave on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Where a Meteorological Department has issued an orange alert for Saturday, then a yellow alert has been issued for Sunday and Monday, but on Tuesday also there will be no relief from heat and heat.

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