The rain stopped going to the farm, there was no Muktidham in the village, cremation had to be done on the road itself.

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In Ajnaul village of Bhind district, such a situation was created that the cremation was done on the road itself. Now questions are being raised that the demand for Muktidham was being raised in the village for a long time. Every time this issue was being overlooked.

A shameful situation has arisen in village Ajnaul of Bhind district. Here a deceased did not even get to Muktidham for the last rites. Due to this, he was cremated on the middle road. Actually, the demand for making Muktidham in the village is being ignored. Because of this there is anger among the villagers.

Madhya Pradesh government spends crores of rupees every year to develop rural areas. Schemes like MNREGA work for the development of the village and providing facilities to the villagers, but village Ajnaul of Mehgaon assembly constituency of Bhind is still working for the basic problems. There is a demand for Shanti Dham in the village for years, but till date no one has tried to get the marghat built.

Villagers said that many times they have complained to the village sarpanch and district officials in this regard. No one heard here. When someone’s family goes to heaven, they perform the last rites on their farm. Even in the rain it becomes difficult to do this. There are many people who do not have a farm. Then where will they perform the cremation?

The fields were full of water, so the pyre was lit on the road
A family in the village got lost. The fields are full of water due to rain. In such a situation, the last action cannot be done there. Angry and upset villagers performed the last rites on the common road to Ajnaul. Now once again the demand of the villagers is that someone should listen to them and Muktidham should be made in the village.

Congress’s allegation- BJP government’s poll exposed
Congress District President Mansingh Kushwaha says that the situation created in Ajnaul is embarrassing due to the flaws of the system. Even today people are living in these conditions. When the government and the BJP claim to take the benefits of the schemes to the last mile of the state, then such pictures expose them. He said that he would try to solve this issue by meeting the responsible officers.

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