Rainfall in Purvanchal including Varanasi gave relief from heat, the period of fall in temperature continues

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With the arrival of monsoon in Uttar Pradesh, pre-monsoon conditions are also in a very active role from Purvanchal to West Uttar Pradesh. If the weather conditions are favorable in the coming days, then the monsoon will become active in the entire Purvanchal.

Varanasi, Jagran Correspondent. The weather in Purvanchal, after being quite challenging, is now looking towards giving relief for a week. Three days ago, the monsoon has made its way to Sonbhadra in Uttar Pradesh, but the monsoon remains around the border of Varanasi, Mirzapur, Chandauli and Bhadohi. With the onset of monsoon activity ahead, the clouds will become active over the entire Purvanchal within a week due to the monsoon activity. The arrival of monsoon has been delayed by about three days so far this time. But pre-monsoon activity has been raining in many districts for a week.

On Thursday afternoon, a lot of rain started in Varanasi as well. It is believed that now the period of monsoon activity will give relief to the people in Purvanchal. Thursday’s rain was due to a combination of local heating and humidity. This dense camp of clouds was formed from Lucknow to Purvanchal and on seeing it, the rainy season started. The Meteorological Department had already indicated rain. In this sense, the rainy season is giving relief to the people as expected.

Rainy conditions had started forming in Varanasi with the humidity level rising to a maximum of 90 per cent and a minimum of 64 per cent. In this sense, the rainy season is believed to be due to the moisture reaching the atmosphere from the Bay of Bengal. While the rain started in the middle of summer after the combination of moisture with local heating, the movement of clouds also started after 3 o’clock which continued till late evening. The Meteorological Department has predicted heavy rains this week. At the same time, monsoon is also going to gain more momentum in two days.

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