Amit Shah broke his silence on the Gujarat riots, told after 20 years what happened during that time;

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Amit Shah Interview The Home Minister told eloquently what happened and why during the Gutarat riots. Shah said that all the allegations against the PM and the BJP government regarding the Gujarat riots were politically motivated. He said that this incident happened only because of Godhra incident.

After a long gap of twenty years, today Union Home Minister Amit Shah has broken his silence on the 2002 Gujarat riots. The Home Minister told in an interview what happened during these riots. Shah said that all the allegations against the PM and the BJP government regarding the Gujarat riots were politically motivated. He called it a planned conspiracy to defame BJP and PM Modi. Shah’s statement came a day after the Supreme Court’s decision in which the court dismissed the petition against PM Modi over the Gujarat riots.

Said this thing about PM Modi

In an interview to ANI, the Home Minister talks about the SC verdict, the role of the media, NGOs, political parties, Modi’s faith in the judiciary.

In this interview that lasted for about 40 minutes, Shah emphasized everything that was being misrepresented.

Shah said that the PM, like a big leader, took this long battle of 18-19 years without saying a word and suffered all the pain like Lord Shankar’s ‘Bishpan’.

The Home Minister said that I saw him very closely, suffering like a victim. Only a strong willed person could take the stand of saying nothing as the matter was sub judice.

everyone started believing the lie to be the truth

Shah said that BJP’s political rivals and ideologically motivated journalists and some NGOs publicized the allegations against PM Modi.

When the Home Minister was asked whether the police and officials had done nothing in the riots, he said that the conspirators had a strong ecosystem, so everyone started accepting lies as truth.

The accusers were asked to apologize

Shah said that the Supreme Court dismissed all the allegations against PM Modi. From this it is clear that wrong allegations were leveled against PM Modi. He said that those who did this should now apologize. Because Modiji always supported the law.

Told the conspiracy to Tehelka’s sting operation

Amit Shah also gave a statement on the petition filed against PM Modi by the Supreme Court yesterday. He said that in its judgment, the court clearly stated that the riots after the Godhra train burning were not pre-planned but self-motivated.

Shah said Tehelka’s sting operation was quashed by the court because when its before and after footage surfaced, it was found that the sting operation was politically motivated.

The burning of Godhra train is the root cause of the riots.

Describing the root cause of the Gujarat riots, the Home Minister said that the incident took place due to the burning of the Godhra train. He said 59 people, including a 16-day-old child, were set ablaze, but did not mention it.

Shah said that the injured were taken to the civil hospital to ensure that the riots did not spread and the bodies were taken by the families to their homes in closed ambulances.

Many allegations against Teesta Setalvad

On the decision of the Supreme Court, Shah said that the court has told that Zakia Jafri has acted on the instructions of someone else. There was an NGO behind this which signed the affidavits of many victims and they did not even know about it.

Shah said that everyone knows that Teesta Setalvad’s NGO was doing this. And when the UPA government came to power at that time, it helped this NGO.

took a dig at Congress

Shah also took a dig at the Congress during this period. He said that Modi ji did not do drama while appearing before the SIT – come out in support of me, call MLAs and MPs and hold a dharna. If the SIT wanted to question the CM, he himself was ready to cooperate. Why even protest?

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