People’s mental health deteriorates in countries with strict corona restrictions, scientists studied data from 15 countries

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Scientists have found in a study that people’s mental health was affected in countries that imposed strict restrictions to deal with corona infection, while it was better in countries where steps were taken to end the global epidemic.

Toronto, PTI. The mental health of people in countries that have imposed strict restrictions to deal with corona infection has been found to be worse than in those countries which have taken steps towards ending the global pandemic. This has been claimed in a study published in the journal ‘The Lancet Public Health’. A team led by researchers from Simon Fraser University in Canada studied data from two surveys from 15 countries between April 2020 and June 2021.

The countries in the study were divided into two categories. One category included countries that tried to end the global pandemic, and the second category included countries that aimed to prevent or reduce the spread of infection within the country.

Australia, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea were included in the list of countries trying to end the global pandemic. At the same time, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Swede,n and Britain were placed in the list of countries trying to stop the spread of infection.

Countries such as South Korea and Japan took quick and targeted actions, such as imposing international travel restrictions. Due to this, the outbreak of corona virus infection was less there, there were fewer deaths due to infection and it also had less negative impact on the mental health of the people.

Countries trying to contain the spread of the infection, such as Canada, France and Britain, have relaxed travel restrictions and placed more emphasis on social distancing, banning celebrations and home-confining policies. These steps limited social relations in such countries, which led to psychological problems. Lara Aknin, associate professor of psychology at Simon Fraser University, said that the policies adopted by the government at such times have been the subject of discussion.

Talking about the countries trying to end the global pandemic, it seems that they have taken tough measures, but the truth is that by banning international travel, the people present inside the country could experience freedom. The researchers said that effective policies to deal with the global pandemic should also include ways to address the adverse effects on mental health.

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