Indiscriminate firing at metro station in New York City, US, injures many people

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New York Police said in a statement that a total of 16 people were injured in the attack, of which 10 people were shot.


  • In the US, there was chaos after a shooting at a subway station in New York City.
  • Several people were injured in the indiscriminate shooting in Brooklyn.
  • The attacker was wearing the orange clothes of the construction workers.

New York: There was chaos in New York City on Tuesday following a shooting and explosion at a subway station. According to reports, at least 16 people have been injured in the indiscriminate shooting incident in Brooklyn, New York. Police have also recovered several bombs from the spot, although none of the bombs are active. It is being told that the attacker was wearing the orange clothes of the construction workers and started firing at the people as soon as they reached the metro station.

’10 people have been shot in the attack

New York police said in a statement that a total of 16 people were injured in the attack, of which 10 were shot. Police said five people were in critical but stable condition. According to the statement, the police are not treating the case as a terrorist attack. The New York Police Department tweeted: “There are no active explosive devices at this time in connection with the shooting of several people at the 36th Street subway station in Brooklyn. The police have advised the security officials to share any information and people to stay away from the area if the witnesses have any information. Police are still looking for the attacker.

“The president was informed of the incident.”

President Joe Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland have been briefed about the incident. Media reports said the suspected attacker was also carrying construction equipment. Security officials believe the gunman used a smoke-splattering bomb before the shooting. The official said investigators were investigating whether he used the smoke bomb to distract people’s attention before the firing. According to a police department spokesperson, police officers were called to the 36th Street Metro station around 8.30 am.

“They threw bombs and fired at the passengers.”

The New York Daily News reported that “a gunman wearing a gas mask and an orange vest generally worn by construction area personnel hurled a smoke-emitting bomb into the crowded south-bound ‘R train’ and then opened fire on passengers.” As the train reached the 36th St. station and the doors of the train opened, the injured passengers came out of the train and “fell on the platform.” Video footage of the incident uploaded on social media showed passengers coming out of the train panicking and engulfed in smoke at the station.

“There was smoke and blood and people were screaming.”

Witnesses reported seeing injured people, all adults, coming out from the 36th St and 25th St stations, the New York Daily News reported. Sam Carcamo, a witness, told radio station 1010 VINS, “My metro door opened in the disaster. There was smoke and blood and people were screaming. Konrad Aderer, another eyewitness, said: “I was heading to 36th Street Station in Brooklyn when a young man whose legs were bleeding said people were injured and bleeding. ‘

The White House issued a statement.

The White House said in a statement, “President Biden has been briefed on the latest developments in connection with the New York City Subway shooting incident. Biden has left for his visit to Des Moines in Iowa. “Senior Staff members of the White House are in contact with Mayor Adams and Police Commissioner Sewell and are offering them any assistance if needed,” the White House said. ’

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