Viral Video: The very next day of marriage

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The bride showed such cleverness, closed the eyes of the groom and did something like this in front of the whole family

Trending Video: Many times we have seen such videos on social media where the bride and groom are seen having fun. Such a video seems to be becoming increasingly viral on the Internet. In which people are also smiling seeing the fun of the bride.

Wedding Fun: Wedding season is going on. People also keep sharing their wedding photos and videos on their social media. At the same time, there is no place for his happiness in these pictures and videos. Sometimes such a video also becomes viral on social media which is very entertaining. But many times it happens that such a video goes viral which looks very emotional.

The bride and groom were seen looking for the ring
One such funny joke video seems to be going viral very fast on social media. This is a post-wedding video. It can be seen in this video that the bride and groom are doing the ritual of finding the ring. In the meantime, the bride puts her hand on the eyes of the groom. People are liking this mischievous style of his.

The bride closed the eyes of the groom
It is seen in this video that the bride is looking very happy. At the same time, jokingly, she puts her hands on the eyes of her groom. Also suddenly her mother-in-law puts the ring in the pot. After which all of a sudden they both start looking for the ring and the ring is placed in the bride’s hand.

video is going viral
It is seen in this video that the bride tries to divert the groom’s attention from the ring so that he wins. But in this video, nothing was like victory or defeat, but everything was in jest. At the same time, laughter and jokes keep going on in marriage. That is why this video is being well-liked on social media as well.

More than 64 thousand views
A lot of comments are being made on this video on social media too. Also, more than 64 thousand views have come on this video so far. This video is also being shared a lot. People are giving their comments on this video. One user writes that “cute”. On the other hand, another user comments and writes that “Thank you for sharing this video.”

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