Victory Day Parade: Why is the whole world eyeing Moscow’s Red Square? Know what is the special reason

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Russia-Ukraine War: World War II ended on 9 May. On this day the Victory Day Parade is organized in Russia. On this day Putin will address the people of Russia. Many important announcements can be made during this time.

Victory Day Parade In Russia: The date of laying down the arms of Nazi Germany (Germany) in front of the Soviet Union (USSR) and the end of the Second World War is 9 May but the first Victory Day Parade is on 24 June 1945. Because the Soviet Union, embroiled in the fighting, did not have time to celebrate. This day is celebrated as the biggest festival in the whole of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. There is a holiday and due to the beginning of spring, most people picnic, but this day is for the last 76 years of the Soviet Union and Russia’s military power after its dissolution in front of the whole world. On this day the Russian President addresses the country, and the whole world listens very carefully. This time this address and this parade are more important.

Victory Day Parade to be held on May 9

The eyes of the whole world will be on Moscow’s Red Square on 9 May. Tremendous preparations are going on for this parade in Moscow, but only Russia is not waiting for this parade. The war between Russia and Ukraine since February 24 has put the whole world under the deepest tension in several decades.┬áThe whole world is surrounded by fears of escalation of this war and destruction of the economy. Russia and its supporting countries and most of the countries of Europe including America are face to face. There is only one question on everyone’s mind, what will Putin say from Red Square on May 9?

There may be announcements about NATO countries

The most important thing during the Victory Day Parade is the speech of Russian President Vladimir Putin, in which announcements are made about the relationship with Russia about the whole world, big plans, political programs inside Russia, so in this year’s Victory Day Parade, Putin can make important announcements about the war with Ukraine and NATO countries. Russia has created two independent countries in the eastern parts of Ukraine, the Luhansk People’s Republic and the Donetsk People’s Republic, so whether what Putin wanted has been fully done and Putin can announce on May 9 a halt to Russian military action against Ukraine? Some experts believe this could happen.

Victory Day is the day of the defeat of Nazism

Last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned countries that are new supporters of Nazism in a Victory Day parade speech. Nazism is seen as the greatest evil in Europe, symbolized by Hitler’s terrible bloodshed and massacre in World War II. Putin accused Ukraine of being powerful by Nazi forces in Ukraine at the start of the military crackdown. Victory Day is a day of defeat of Nazism and of remembering Russia as victorious over the Nazi powers. The question is what Putin is going to say this year.

At the Victory Day Parade, Russia showcases its most modern weapons. There is always no new weapon introduced in the parade. Western Block has been campaigning very loudly that on Victory Day Putin could announce to intensify his military action or go to war in a full way. The western media in particular has strongly publicized this fear, although Russia has officially denied it equally strongly. Russia has been saying from the beginning of the war that it has not entered into a war against Ukraine, but, instead, it has launched a special military campaign against Ukraine to meet some of its demands, which are being fought on a very small scale.

This time, will Putin present the Victory Day parade as another victory of the Russian people over the Nazi powers, or will he tell about a plan to neutralize sanctions on Russia, or will he tell about the machinations of Nazism and capitalism against Russia and any major preparations to counter it? In fact, by the morning of May 9, the whole world will be looking to Moscow’s Red Square to find out the same.

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