Russia Ukraine: How many years will the war last.. British Foreign Minister told, gave this warning to Europe…

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Ukraine War: In view of the crisis in Ukraine, the West’s view of international security should be completely reformed. For this, Britain will have to increase strategic cooperation around the world and use its economic powers to overcome the invaders. :- UK foreign secretary Liz Truss

Britain’s Foreign Minister Liz Truss has said that the Russia-Ukraine war can last at least 10 years. He said this while speaking at an event on foreign policy. He warned Western countries that if Russian President Vladimir Putin succeeds, “it will lead to a mountain of untold disasters in Europe and dire consequences for the world.”

Foreign Minister Truss indicated that Ukraine’s war could be protracted and that Europe “must be prepared for this protracted challenge”.

Government officials told Britain they worried Putin would attack Georgia and Moldova if he was allowed to keep the Ukrainian border. Liz Truss, in her speech, called Putin an “autocratic sly operative” whose aggression must be resisted.”

Liz Truss was speaking at an event organized after the funeral of several civilians in Ukraine. A three-month-old baby girl was also included in Mriko.

Miss Truss said the Ukraine crisis should be seen as a catalyst for a complete reform of the West’s view of international security. For Britain, this would mean increasing strategic cooperation around the world and using its economic powers to repel the invaders. At the same time, he said that the G7 countries, which have 50% of the world’s wealth, will have to work like “economic NATO” to save collective prosperity.

EU has imposed many sanctions on Russia but still European countries depend on Russia for fuel requirement

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