No Fly Zone: A breach in the security of the US President

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US President Joe Biden: A plane entered the No Fly Zone near the home of US President Joe Biden. After their security lapse, the President and his wife were taken out of the house to a safer area.

US President Joe Biden: A case of a significant lapse in the security of US President Joe Biden has come to light. A small plane accidentally entered a no-fly zone near Biden’s home in Delaware. After this, President Biden and his wife were taken outside for a while to a safe place.

Biden and his wife were taken out

The White House and the intelligence agency gave this information. The White House said there was no threat to Biden and his family and that precautionary measures were taken. After an assessment of the situation, Biden and his wife Jill were sent back to their Rehoboth Beach home.

The pilot of the plane will be questioned

The intelligence agency said in a statement that the plane was immediately pulled out of the no-fly zone. The agency has said that it will interrogate the pilot who, as per the investigation, was not on the correct radio channel and was not following the fly guideline.

30-mile area is no-fly zone

The Federal Aviation Administration has declared a no-fly zone ahead of Biden’s visit to the beach town earlier this week. A no-fly zone includes a 10-mile radius with a 30-mile restricted area. It is mandatory for all aircraft to follow the rule of no fly zone.


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