Sri Lanka Crisis: Brother still unable to run in army, sister forced to become prostitute to earn money

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Sri Lanka Economic Crisis: In Sri Lanka, 40 thousand girls are doing prostitution work. More than half of these are in the capital Colombo. These days, most new-age girls are joining this profession. There this work is going on under the guise of spas and massage centers.

Sri Lanka Economic Crisis: Neighboring country Sri Lanka is facing an economic crisis these days. People are not able to get even food and drink there. In the midst of all this, inflation has touched the sky. In such a situation, a large number of new-age girls in Sri Lanka have been forced to become sex workers.

New age girls are joining
According to a report published in Dainik Bhaskar, the number of girls involved in sex work has increased in the last few months. Many of them are doing this work because of their poor financial condition. According to the report, earlier sex work was done by professional prostitutes in Sri Lanka. But these days most of the new age girls are joining this profession.

Prostitution is legally banned
Let us tell you that prostitution is legally banned in Sri Lanka. There is also no area of ​​Prostitution in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. It has been learned in the report that this work is going on under the guise of spas and massage centers there. Under the guise of these massage centers, new girls are joining this work.

Doing this work due to financial cristhe is
Due to the ongoing economic crisis in Sri Lanka, such girls are working as prostitutes, who were either working earlier or were pursuing higher education dreams. 21-year-old Isha (name changed), working as a prostitute, told that she wanted to be a successful person. His father is ill and his mother is not there, while his brother serves in the Sri Lankan army. Due to the ongoing financial crisis in the country, the house could not run with the income of the brother.

forced to work in a spa
Seeing the condition of the house, Isha was forced to work in a spa. Earlier, she used to work in a company on a salary of Rs 25,000 per month. But after Corona, due to their deteriorating financial condition, lost her job and she started working in the spa. After this, she also started working in Prostitution. She says that if the conditions in her house were good, she would never have done this work.

About 40 thousand girls are doing prostitution work
The report says that about 40 thousand girls like Isha are doing prostitution work. More than half of these are in the capital Colombo. These spa centers in Colombo are open round the clock. These centers running in the name of Ayurvedic treatment, wellness centers, spa and massage center are located in the posh areas of the capital. A manager working in one such spa center said that the number of women seeking work has increased in recent times. He told that most of them are those who were running the house after doing a job somewhere. But due to the loss of the job, he is worried.

wires connected to power
The spa manager said that the customers who come here also include professionals like soldiers, policemen, lawyers and doctors. All the people living around here know that prostitution work is done here. Even after this no action is taken here. Talking to the people working here, it seems that the strings of spa operators are connected to the top of the power in Sri Lanka.

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