Neither fog nor chill, why is it not getting cold even in December?

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There is no possibility of Western Disturbance activities or rains till the end of this week. The minimum temperature may decrease gradually by 2-4°C during the next few days, but there are no chances of fog.

December came, but the chilling cold did not come. Two weeks have passed since the last month of the year, and not only the cold but the fog is also gone. That being said, this is the story for most parts of North West India. Now the question is why so? In 2022, when the rain and heat have made their presence felt, then why is the cold playing eye-balling? They understand the experts.

Dr. M. Mohapatra, head of the India Meteorological Department, says, ‘This time the winters are warmer than normal. But why it is so, cannot be said precisely. Talking to News18, he said, ‘A major reason is the absence of active western disturbances in November and December. The weather remained dry and the winds were not that strong. That’s why we are not seeing cold waves or foggy days.

Western Disturbances indicate the arrival of winters in North India. They are rain storms, which form in the Mediterranean Sea and move eastward and impact the Himalayas. Due to this, there is snowfall in the hilly states and rains in the northwest regions between November and February. Due to no rain, there are no clouds in the sky and the sun’s rays reach the earth’s surface directly. As the ground warms, it radiates more heat into the atmosphere, preventing the mercury from falling further.

Then when will winter come?

The forecast from the Meteorological Department has told that it may take some time for winter to come to the field. However, a Western Disturbance affected Jammu and Kashmir on Monday, which may end soon. Surendra Paul, head of IMD Regional Center in Shimla, says, “It is snowing only in northern parts of Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh like Kinnaur, Lahaul Spiti. The rest of the region is quite dry.

It is being said that at least till the end of this week, there is no possibility of Western Disturbance activities or rains. The minimum temperature may decrease gradually by 2-4 degree Celsius in the next few days, but there is no possibility of fog. The Meteorological Department has also not warned of a cold wave for northern states this week except Uttarakhand.

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