Musk said, no affair with the wife of Google co-founder: tweeted – Sergei and I are friends, nothing romantic with his wife

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk has dismissed reports of an affair with the wife of the Google co-founder as baseless. He said that Google co-founder Sergey Brin and he are friends. The news of affair with his wife is rubbish.

The US newspaper Wall Street Journal claimed in a report on Sunday that Musk had an affair with Sergei’s wife Nicole. The report also said that Brin filed for divorce from Nicole in January of this year.

Musk responded to this report by tweeting on Monday. Said- All this is baseless. Sergei and I are friends. Last night we were together at a party. In the last three years I’ve only seen Nicole twice, both times there were many people around us, nothing romantic.

Musk also responded to Wall Street

Musk also reacted to the Wall Street Journal report. The tweet read – This year character assassination has reached a new level, but these articles are nothing. I work like crazy. I don’t have time for such things. No key-person is involved in these allegations. Have they even been interviewed?

Sergei married Nicole Shanahan in 2018. Nicole is the Legal Tech Founder. Their baby girl was born in 2018 itself. A Wall Street report said that Musk and Nicole had an affair in December last year. During this, Sergei and Nicole were living together. A few weeks later, Brin filed for divorce, citing mutual differences.

The report said that after Sergei filed for divorce, Musk tried to apologize to him. At one party, Musk was running after Sergei for an apology. Brin accepts his apology, but the old friends no longer have a relationship. It was Brin who saved Elon Musk’s electric car company Tesla from sinking during the 2008 economic crisis.

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