Jharkhand: After Pooja Singhal, Pankaj Mishra, ED sent NOTICE to these 14 high-ranking nobles

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Jharkhand News The circle of money laundering is getting tightened in Jharkhand. After the ED’s raids a day ago, the agency’s radar has many high-status high-ranking high-ranking people who are trying to go underground after seeing the opportunity. Their raids will increase in the next day or two.

Ranchi, State Bureau. Jharkhand News The ED raids that started on Friday in Sahibganj continued on Saturday at the locations of five businessmen. The ED team raided the hideouts of Krishna Sao in Badharwa, Dahu Yadav in Sohanpur, Chhotu Yadav in Sahibganj city, Bhagwan Bhagat in Badharwa, Bhavesh Bhagat and inquired about the seized documents related to the investment. It is also learned that Dahu Yadav has gone to Guwahati to offer prayers. It is reported that during the raid, three pistols and two rifles were also found by the ED on Saturday. On Friday, the ED has issued notices for questioning to all the 14 associates-stone traders who had raided the premises of the Chief Minister, including MLA representative Pankaj Mishra. It is possible that the interrogation of all the accused will start from Monday.

ED did not issue official statement on recovered money

During Friday’s raid, the ED got crores of rupees. According to the information received from the sources, the recovered amount was Rs 3.11 crore. However, as per other sources the recovered amount is Rs 5.32 crore. At present, according to the information received, the ED has deposited the said amount in the main branch of State Bank of India in Sahibganj. Here news agency PTI has reported quoting ED officials that after raiding Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren’s aide Pankaj Mishra and persons associated with him, the ED has seized Rs 5.32 crore in cash.

The game of managing government tenders with the help of fake companies

The ED has also got information in preliminary research that in Santal region, there is a game of managing government contracts by forming a fake company. In the year 2020 in Badharwa, the tender regarding which there was a dispute and a fight took place, not considering it as a normal incident, the ED has started research. This was not a normal tender dispute, but in the said tender also an attempt was made to take recourse to fake companies. In the said tender dispute, Shambhu Nandan Kumar had lodged an FIR against Minister Alamgir Alam and others besides Pankaj Mishra, MLA representative of Chief Minister Hemant Soren in Barharwa. ED took over the same case and researched it, it came to know that about a dozen fake companies are used to manage tenders in the area of ​​Santal, which have political patronage. The ED is also probing the role of Amirul Alam, brother of Minister Alamgir Alam and other companies, in which the possibility of big disclosures is being raised.

Well-known rich are on ED’s radar

The interrogation of district mining officials, which took place in the past in the area of ​​Santal, especially Sahibganj, a day earlier, has been of great help to the ED. These DMOs were on the ED radar even before the raids, they are on the radar even after the raids and after the raids, the raids will increase again. Under the money laundering started in the Badharwa tender dispute case, the ED’s cordon is getting tighter in the research. How the big mountains of Sahibganj area got lost due to illegal mining, how the high mountains turned into deep gorges, ED has got all the documents related to it. How an influential person is operating the entire network in the area of ​​Santal and how a racket is running this illegal mining and illegal transport business, the curtain has started to come up one by one. The names of the veterans involved in this network have also been found by the ED, against whom the investigation is to be intensified.

This time the DMO will also come under the purview of ED’s charge sheet.

According to ED sources, a large network has been revealed in Friday’s raid, it is believed that this time the DMO will also come under the purview of ED’s chargesheet. The way in which the black business of stones worth crores is being conducted illegally through the river Ganga, its folds have started to open. The ED got this information for a long time in physical verification of the areas of Santal and in the past the DMO of the said areas has also given many important information to the ED in the interrogation, due to which it is believed that this illegal business will be associated in the coming time. Politicians, their allies, businessmen related to stone mining will come under legal action.

The heat of this investigation will go till Minister Alamgir Alam

If ED sources are to be believed, then the investigation going on in this entire episode will also go to the cabinet minister of Hemant Soren government, Alamgir Alam. Because, apart from Pankaj Mishra, MLA representative of Hemant Soren, the name of Minister Alamgir Alam had also appeared in the tender dispute which was taken over by the ED. Alamgir Alam’s brother had also tendered in that tender. The ED has seized all the CCTV footage, mobile phones, etc. related to this dispute and sent it for forensic examination.

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