Jahangirpuri Violence Case: Farid, one of the most wanted accused, arrested from West Bengal, the search for the rest continues

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Crime Branch has got a big success in the case of violence in Delhi’s Jahangirpuri. Police have arrested the main accused from West Bengal. The police team was camping in Bengal for several days to find the accused in this case.

New Delhi, PTI. The Crime Branch of Delhi Police has arrested one of the most wanted accused of Jahangirpuri violence, Farid from West Bengal. The Delhi Police team was camping in West Bengal for several days to arrest the accused in this case. Now he has got success. There are already 6 cases registered against Farid in Delhi. Earlier in the morning, Delhi Police also arrested Zafar and Babuuddin. Both of them were arrested in Delhi on Thursday morning. All three have been arrested in this case on the same day.

It is known that there was a nuisance in the Jahangirpuri area during the procession taken out during Hanuman Janmotsav. During this, half a dozen people from Delhi Police were injured. The police were attacked with stones, bottles, and others. After this, the atmosphere became tense in many areas. The Delhi Police had entrusted the responsibility to several teams to unearth this entire incident. Preparations were made to arrest the people related to the incident by collecting the details.

A team of Crime Branch is camping in West Bengal. It was also learned that 20 people were active in the area during the violence, all of them criminal. During the violence, the location of all these mobiles was found in the same area, but since then their numbers are still closed. Police say that all of them are missing from the area after the violence and have hidden somewhere else.

It is known that since the incident in the Jahangirpuri area, the police have arrested a total of 30 people so far. Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana had shared information about this. He had told that first 23 people have been arrested in this incident. Out of these, cases are already registered against 8 accused. He had told that one Yunus Imam is also included among those arrested, his father’s name is Sheikh Hamid. His other name is Sonu. The family calls him by the name of Sonu. Apart from this, teams are camping there to find those whose information was received about having fled to West Bengal. All of them will be caught, after that the whole matter will be revealed.

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