Haj pilgrimage: Why Saudi Arabia’s displeasure with Hindi? Muslims of India are deprived of this facility

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Hajj Pilgrimage: This year Saudi Arabia has specially prepared a guide in 14 languages ​​to help the pilgrims. This guide is not in Hindi.

Hajj Pilgrimage: Every year millions of Muslims go to Saudi Arabia for the Hajj pilgrimage. Millions of people from India also go to Saudi Arabia every year for Haj pilgrimage. Haj pilgrimage was affected for two years due to the spread of corona epidemic in the world. After the threat of epidemic has passed, now all the facilities for Haj pilgrimage have become smooth. This year also lakhs of Indian Muslims have registered for Haj pilgrimage.

Hajj guide not in hindi

It is worth noting that this year Saudi Arabia has specially prepared a guide to help the pilgrims. With the help of this guide, pilgrims can get all the necessary information. This guide has been issued in 14 languages. But this guide was not released in Hindi. Whereas every year lakhs of Indian Muslims go to Saudi Arabia for Haj pilgrimage. Saudi Arabia has launched this guide as a unique awareness initiative for pilgrims.

Will help Haj pilgrims

The new initiative launched by the Ministry of Haj and Umrah is an attempt to raise awareness for this year’s Haj season. This guide covers various steps related to Haj pilgrimage and issues relevant to the pilgrims. This guide contains translations, providing all necessary religious, medical, procedural and logical information to the pilgrims. Through this initiative, the Ministry of Haj and Umrah has made every effort to serve the Haj pilgrims in the best possible manner.

The e-guide has been released in Arabic, English, French, Urdu, Bengali, Indonesian, Malay, Hausa, Amharic, Persian, Spanish, Turkish, Russian and Sinhalese languages. It gives Hajj and Umrah pilgrims essential basic information about every aspect of the journey in a direct, comprehensive manner.


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