Google Doodle: Know who was Maria Telkes, why is she called the Queen of the Sun, Google remembered by making a special doodle

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Google Doodle On Maria Telkes: Today (Monday), December 12, 2022, is the 122nd birthday of Dr. Maria Telkes, an American woman scientist who did important work in the field of solar energy. On this occasion, the search engine Google remembered his contribution by making a special doodle. Because of the major discoveries made by her in the field of solar energy, Maria is today known as The Sun Queen.

Dr. Maria Telkes was the first woman scientist to receive The Society of Women Engineers Achievement Award. He believed that the energy emanating from the sun has the power to transform human life. He made many inventions related to solar energy and proved his logic right. Dr. Maria Telkes was born on December 12, 1900, in the Hungarian city of Budapest. He has done many works in the field of solar energy technology.

Maria Telcos, who made important contributions to the field of solar energy, studied physical chemistry at the University of Budapest in 1920 and earned her Ph.D. in 1924. He completed this study before his time.

After studying, Dr. Maria went to the United States of America. After this, he started working there as a biophysicist. In the year 1937, he acquired US citizenship. Dr. Maria served as a member of the Solar Energy Committee at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Dr. Maria was called upon by the US government during World War II to help develop the solar distiller. The solar distiller is used to convert seawater into fresh water. This lifesaver was used by soldiers stationed in the Pacific Theater.

It was while working at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that Maria became involved with a project in Massachusetts. This project was related to the work of keeping the house warm in cold weather. Maria’s experiment failed and she was kicked out of the Solar Energy team by MIT. But he did not give up.

Know how The Sun Queen got its name?

In the year 1948, Dr. Maria designed a system to keep the walls warm with the heat of sunlight. He designed this system with architect Eleanor Raymond. After this, he prepared the solar energy-powered oven, which is still popular today. Dr. Maria came to be known as Suraj Ki Rani (The Sun Queen) for her inventions. After this, he prepared an oven, which can run on solar energy. That solar oven is still popular today. Because of these inventions, she came to be known as the Queen of the Sun. Dr. Maria was given ‘The Society of Women Engineers Achievement Award’ on 12 December i.e. today.

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