F3 movie review: Venkatesh, Varun Tej film is less fun, more frustration

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F3 film survey: Anil is truly settling for the worse of the worst with the Venkatesh, Varun Tej starrer. His endeavors at parody need both genuineness and innovation.

At the point when you pay for a seat in a film lobby to watch a film, Venkatesh and Varun Tej-starrer F3, that has been promoted as the ‘greatest Telugu satire performer of the year’, you come ready to snicker. You go in with a ton of energy, placing total confidence in the possession of the producers and entertainers. You are psyched to be engaged, popcorn is in the container and OK’s with the world. At the point when things start slow, you decide to remain with the producer — the film will before long get a rhythm, it needs to. So you even chuckle at jokes that are absurd, predictable, and now and again flinch commendable. You assume the best about the chief, accepting that the film is yet to get to the great part. All things considered, you don’t go to a theater and spend your well-deserved cash to can’t stand a film. You need to like it.

F3 movie review: Venkatesh, Varun Tej film is less fun, more frustration
In any case, how might you respond when the film being referred to is dead set on testing your resistance and liberality? Imagine a scenario in which the film has not a solitary saving grace that makes the test of not despising it somewhat simpler. Sometimes, you acknowledge that you won’t get the sharp and brilliant satire film that you anticipated. All things being equal, all you are left with is a few bucketloads of unrefined jokes. That is the second it hits you. The existence’s actual way of thinking that chief Anil Ravipudi has been attempting to let us know in a large number of motion pictures. The message is: obliviousness is tomfoolery and information is dissatisfaction.

Anil Ravipudi keeps on conveying this message in his most recent film F3, the fresher expansion to his Fun and Frustration series. The film follows the narratives of a lot of hooligans who need to bring in cash in a simple way. Thus they pick the way of lying and double-dealing. Be that as it may, they are not adequately shrewd to execute tricks. They are stupid to such an extent that you can’t confide in them to stroll without anyone else without running into dividers.

The relatives of Venky (Venkatesh) serve him food made with the leaves of cash plants trusting that will change his fortune. Varun (Varun Tej), dreams of the existence of riches and extravagance and when he awakens to the real world, he takes out his disappointment on God, who he calls daddy. He strolls into a sanctuary, requests that God ought to free him of neediness, and takes the cash from the aarti plate for pocket cash. These things, which have no importance or reverberation, should stimulate us and cheer us up. What’s more, indeed, discussing ladies’ characters in the film will get into an entirely different sticky situation.

Anil is truly settling for the worse of the worst here. His endeavors at satire need both earnestness and creativity. He utilizes each known stunt from the handbook of how to make an unpleasant film. The parody is silly, unreasonable, and unrefined. This film is clearly to the point that it represents an incredible danger to our capacity to think and deal with data. The chief high priority taught author Devi Sri Prasad to wrench up the foundation score to 11 to hold the crowd back from thinking about the film he has made.

Envision a lot of individuals, dressed extraordinarily in comedian ensembles, and they all stand together without a moment’s delay shouting at your face, and making silly countenances, in a frantic endeavor to make you snicker. Such is the experience of watching F3.

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