Chinese drone company DJI closes business in Russia and Ukraine, steps taken to stop misuse of drones in war

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DGI, the world’s largest drone company, has closed its business with Russia for the time being. The company has also had to take such a decision due to pressure. The company has also temporarily closed its business in Ukraine.

Beijing (AP) Drone maker DJI Technology has temporarily closed its businesses in Russia and Ukraine to prevent its misuse in war. He gave this information by issuing a statement. After the attack on Ukraine, many European companies have closed their business in Russia, but despite global pressure, Chinese companies continue to do business in Russia.

China is still avoiding comment on Russia. It is believed that both Ukraine and Russia are using DJI drones in the war. The company says that its product is for civilian use only. Ukraine’s deputy prime minister wrote a letter last month asking DJI to stop selling its drones to Russia. With this the Russian army is targeting civilian targets.

The Aeroscope system in DJI’s drone is capable of detecting and tracking other drones flying in the area with the help of special receivers and its operators. It is worth noting that the German retailer Media Market has criticized the use of DJI drones by Russia in the war. While saying this, it was said to remove the company’s production from the market. At the same time, another Chinese company ‘Didi Global’ (Cab Company) has also closed its business in Russia, but the people of China are in favor of this decision. are not in.

Significantly, the third month of the war between Russia and Ukraine is going on. During this, while Ukraine has suffered heavy loss of life and property, Russia has also suffered a lot due to sanctions. Apart from this, many of his top officers have also lost their lives in this war. The United Nations has consistently appealed for peace by ending this war.

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