The bombing of the Ukraine war on the world’s food security; The threat of violence erupts, African countries most affected

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The world is being badly affected by the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. The food crisis has deepened in many countries and a large population is moving towards starvation. How the Ukraine crisis is affecting the world’s food security…

New Delhi [Jagran Special]. These two countries directly involved in the war between Russia and Ukraine are being seriously affected, but this war is also pushing a large population of the world towards hunger. Experts have expressed serious concern about this. On the one hand, climate change has already severely affected the global average agricultural production, then this war is being seen as a double whammy on the world’s food production.

drop in yield

Climate change has already reduced global food production by one-fifth of the total, according to food experts from the University of Canberra. This war has deepened this problem. Russia and Ukraine account for 30 percent of the world’s total wheat exports. In such a situation, in order to ensure their food security, countries which depend on net imports, have a big problem of starvation.

African countries most affected

The biggest challenge facing the countries of West Asia and North Africa may be the food crisis. These countries are major importers of wheat to Ukraine. These countries meet all the needs related to daily life through imports.

poor vs rich countries

An increase of 1.2 °C in the global average temperature has reduced the world’s agricultural production by 21 percent. Although it is not affecting the rich countries much, but the back of the poor countries is breaking.

risk of violence

Food insecurity and malnutrition have increased rapidly in countries in Africa, Central and South America due to crop damage caused by floods and droughts. Food in security is adversely affecting all other conditions related to human life. The danger of inciting violence cannot be ruled out.


About 170 crop species are traded on a large scale in the world, but only wheat, corn and rice are eliminating 40 percent of the world’s hunger. We have to diversify our habit of consuming calories.

These countries suffer the period of social unrest

Egypt is the world’s largest wheat importer. This country feeds half its hunger from this imported wheat. It also exports rice. The problem of drought in food-producing countries and rising fossil fuel prices caused bread prices to rise by nearly 40 percent in 2007–08, leading to social unrest in these countries. Skyrocketing food prices was also at the heart of the 2011 Arab Revolution.

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