Lightning Incidents in India: Incidents of lightning in the country increased by 38 percent, you will be surprised to know its reasons

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Incidents of lightning in India have also increased by 38 percent in the last 52 years. In the year 2019 to 2020, 13860378 incidents of lightning have been registered in the country which increased to 18544367 in the year 2020-2021.

Daksha Vaidkar, Bhopal. The temperature of the Earth’s surface is increasing by an average of 0.03 °C every year. Statistics show that the global temperature of the Earth has increased by an average of 1.5 °C everywhere in the last 10 years. Along with this, an increase of 0.6 to 1.8 degree Celsius has also been recorded in the surface water temperature of the oceans. Scientists believe that due to these changes, the amount of instability and vapor in the atmosphere is being recorded much more than before.

The increasing concentration of pollutants is also the reason

Not only this, due to the increasing concentration of pollutants, the possibilities of sudden charge in the clouds formed at high altitude have started increasing, which is responsible for the incidents of lightning. This is the reason why the incidents of lightning in India have increased by 38 percent in the last 52 years.

Meteorological Department released data

The global organization CROPC (Climate Resilient Observing Systems Promotion Council) has concluded this by studying the average of such events from 1967 to 2019 and various natural events and changes for the year 2020-2021. In collaboration with the Meteorological Department, Pune, the organization has also released some data. There has been a 17 percent increase in the incidence of lightning falling on the earth from the cloud.

what do the figures say

According to these figures, 1,38,60,378 incidents of lightning have been registered in the country in the year 2019 to 2020, which increased to 1,85,44,367 in the year 2020-2021. Meteorologists say that there are two types of lightning, one going from cloud to cloud and the other falling from cloud to earth. In this, the incidence of cloud-to-cloud lightning has increased by 44 percent.

Keep these things in mind for protection

  • Do not go near fields, open fields, trees or tall pillars during the rainy season as these places are more prone to lightning.
  • Even if the electricity is harsh outside and you are indoors, stay away from electrical appliances.
  • Avoid using telephone, mobile, internet etc. facilities during lightning strike. Close the windows and doors properly.
  • Do not keep anything around you that is a good conductor of electricity. They attract electricity.
  • Avoid going to the open terrace. Stay away from metal pipes, taps, fountains.
  • Avoid contact with the ground in bad weather. Cot, stay in bed. Wear rubber slippers.

Forecasting techniques need to be developed

Meteorological Department Senior Scientist Dr. Ved Prakash Singh says that the incidents of lightning have increased across the world. To avoid these, we need to develop techniques and models of forecasting lightning two to three hours in advance. In this direction, the Meteorological Department along with other related institutions is striving for continuous research. Right now the Damini app is giving the forecast of lightning in India 20 minutes in advance. Continuous work is being done to increase its time.

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