Indian Air Force Day 2023: Know about its significance, history and other details

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Indian Air Force Day 2023: The day marks the formation of Royal Indian Air Force in 8 October, 1932. Every year the IAF celebrates the day by conducting annual IAF day parade and organising air shows and other events at different locations

Indian Air Force Day 2023: The mighty force protecting India’s sky space, Indian Air Force, came into existence as the ‘Royal Indian Air Force,’ on 8 October, 1932. The day is marked with the organisation of grand parade and celebrations across the nation.

On this day, IAF personnel who protect India’s skies are honoured for their dedication, bravery and professionalism. Not only this, Indian Air Force showcases its prowess in the sky by conducting grand air shows at different locations of the country. On this day, several programmes are conducted including aerial displays, rallies, parades, and ceremonies.

Air show to mark IAF day celebrations in Prayagraj:

To celebrate the day this year, IAF will conduct its annual Air Force Day parade at Prayagraj on Sunday. Traditionally, the parade used to be held at the Hindon airbase near Delhi till 2021. However, it was taken out of the national capital in 2021. Last year, it was held in Chandigarh.

Why is Indian Air Force Day celebrated?

The day is celebrated to commemorate the formation of Indian Air Force. It was officially established on 8 October, 1932.

In view of its professional efficiency and achievements during World War II, the force was bestowed with the prefix “Royal” in March 1945. So, it became the Royal Indian Air Force (RIAF). However, the IAF dropped its “Royal” prefix in 1950 as India became a republic.

Theme of Indian Air Force Day 2023:

This year, the theme of IAF day is ‘IAF – Airpower Beyond Boundaries’. The theme highlights the commitment of the force to excellence, innovation and its role as the guardian of the nation’s skies.

History of Indian Air Force Day:

As mentioned earlier, the IAF evolved from the Royal Indian Air Force, which was formed on 8 October 1932. Later, the Indian Air Force was established in 1950. It is still active today. Till now, IAF has fought four conflicts with Pakistan in 1947-1948, 1965, 1971 (Bangladesh War) and 1999 (Kargil War).

In 1961, it supported the accession of Goa to the Indian Union. During Indian Armed forces battle against Chinese Army in 1962, Indian Air Force provided critical air support. In 1984, the IAF helped capture the Siachen Glacier.

IAF role in defence, development and rescue:

Other than defending India’s air space, Indian Air Force plays a crucial role in the development of country’s economy and executing rescue operations in difficult terrains.

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