How investigators unraveled the mystery behind the shocking murder of Jamie Faith

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The shooting death of American Airlines director Jamie Faith in October 2020 brought neighbors running onto their quiet street in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, Texas. The ensuing chaos was captured on several doorbell cameras including one at the home of Emery Wilson Wilson says he then ran back inside to retrieve his gun before heading back outside Jamie Faith and his wife Jennifer had just left for their morning walk with their dog.

A new “20/20,” airing Friday, Sept. 29 at 9:00 p.m. ET, explores how investigators unraveled the mystery behind the case, featuring interviews with authorities, journalists and friends of the Faiths I have not been involved in a case that had more twists and turns than this particular case,” federal prosecutor Rick Calvert told ABC News As detectives began investigating Jamie Faith’s murder, the couple’s community of friends mobilized around Jennifer and her daughter Amber. A GoFundMe was set up for Jennifer and it raised more than $60,000.

In January 2021, police arrested a man named Darrin Lopez in Tennessee. To the shock of Jennifer’s friends, Lopez was her high school sweetheart and date to the prom. Friends chillingly recall learning that Lopez had been participating in a group chat where Jennifer would update them on the status of the investigation But while Jennifer was playing the grieving widow and saying she had no idea who killed her husband – she knew exactly who did it, according to text messages obtained by investigators Lopez was a retired Green Beret who suffered a traumatic brain injury after multiple tours in Iraq and had recently split from his wife.

Jennifer the two began professing their love and communicating constantly investigators estimated they exchanged an average of up to 500 texts and emails per day. They snuck in occasional calls and even started talking about a future together Jennifer kept this a secret from most of her friends, except for a text to a longtime friend, saying she was having a hot emotional affair For weeks things seemed to be blissful between the two until Jennifer started claiming that Jamie was abusive toward her Lopez

Lopez told Jennifer she should go to the police, but she said she didn’t want their daughter to see her father get arrested. At Jennifer s suggestion, Lopez started emailing who he believed was her friend Rob, who she said was aware of the abuse, to see if there was anything they could do to help her But then Lopez got an email from Rob, saying Jamie’s abuse was starting again and getting worse. In a phone call to Lopez, Jennifer said the only way she would be safe is if Jamie were killed, according to court documents. The two then allegedly hatched their plan On Oct. 8, 2020, Lopez drove from Tennessee to Texas to carry out Jamie’s killing.

Authorities did a cursory search of Lopez’s property and found a black Nissan Titan pickup truck with the “T” sticker. Investigators obtained Lopez’s bank and phone records and were able to piece together his actions leading up to the murder. Using cell phone and financial data, authorities mapped Lopez’s trip to Texas and placed him at the scene of the crimeAfter going on the news to bring attention to the case, Jennifer sent text messages to Lopez asking him to take the “T” sticker off his truck.

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