Corona In Delhi: Negligence of people should not be overshadowed in the markets of Delhi, it is necessary to be vigilant

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Corona In Delhi The number of daily deaths due to corona virus in the country’s capital Delhi is also very low, yet the negligence in the markets and other public places regarding corona infection is worrying.

New Delhi. Corona infection has started increasing in Delhi from last 5 April and gradually the daily cases have reached close to 1600. This wave of corona is not considered to be more contagious than before.

The situation is that neither physical distance is being followed nor people are seen wearing masks in Delhi’s markets and other public places. Some market associations are doing their level to make market visitors aware of taking preventive measures against corona, but this number is also very limited.

Most of the markets of Delhi are getting crowded and the rules of prevention from Corona are being violated fiercely. .

Now this situation should never happen again. If the infection of corona is not serious, then it is not appropriate to stop the work from anywhere. But this does not mean that the infection should be neglected. The Delhi government has again implemented the provision of fines for not applying masks, but there is no more strictness on the ground level.

District administration and market associations should make fresh arrangements to prevent infection, so that the infection can be prevented from spreading without affecting the work. Physical distancing and use of masks should be ensured in the markets at all costs.

Along with this, strictness should be increased regarding the use of masks on public transport or other crowded places. Delhiites should also use physical distance and masks at their own level and help save the capital from getting infected once again.

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